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Nicotine Salt 100mg



What is Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine salt is a liquid form of Nicotine derived from natural tobacco leaves, using an acid (Benzoate in this case) to reduce the overall Alkalinity of the solution and therefore reducing the “harshness” of the E Liquid when vaped. There are various forms of Salt used to create Salt Nicotine and they all have their advantages but Benzoate is the most common and well-rounded.

Why Should I use 100mg Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine Salt is much smoother than Freebase Nicotine and is absorbed more rapidly by the the body. It has become the first choice in most E Liquids on the market for these reasons. Freebase Nicotine is very harsh at high strengths so it isn’t suited for low power pod devices which are becoming increasingly popular. The rise of Nicotine Salts in 2023 can be attributed to the decline of the Disposable style vape like the Elf Bar 600. With more and more people picking up pod kits such as the Xros 3 Mini, Nicotine Salts are seeing a huge increase in demand so it is imperative to keep up with market trends.

Using 100mg Nicotine Salt allows you to create nic salts up to 20mg in strength with a range of vg/pg ratios depending on how it is mixed. It is also better value for money to buy the highest strength possible as it will go a long way.

Who can buy 100mg Nicotine Salt?

Due to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive), only registered businesses may purchase 100mg Nicotine. Therefore we will check each and every order to ensure we comply with UK law and we may even ask for proof of business before we ship the goods to you.

100mg Nicotine and Safety

Nicotine is a poison and must be handled with care when mixing. Ensure you are wearing appropriate PPE such as gloves and safety glasses before handling it and keep work surfaces and equipment clean and tidy. If the product comes into contact with any part of your body, wash it thoroughly with warm water and seek medical advice if you feel unwell – presenting the healthcare professional with the label.


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