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Prototype – Red Energy

Tantalising Mixed Berries and Tropical fruit Red Energy Drink.



Sweet Red Energy Drink – E-Liquid Concentrate & Vape Juice

Tantalising Mixed Berries and Tropical fruit Red Energy Drink.

Product Information

  • Does contain Koolada
  • Moderate Sweetness

Even though we always recommend steeping, we have tested this as a shake and vape and it is just as good!

What is best for you?

250ml Red Energy HackShot

You will receive 75ml of Red Energy E-Liquid Concentrate in a 250ml Hackshot Bottle, you will need to buy nic shots and pg/vg separately and mix this yourself. It is however very easy to make and will save you lots of money.

250ml Red Energy Starter Kit

This comes with everything you need to make 250ml of E-Liquid, 75ml of concentrate with pg/vg and nic shots supplied.

A great way to introduce yourself to DIY vaping. All your favourite E-Liquid concentrate flavours available!

Included in the starter Kit:

  • 1 X 250ml HACKSHOT (contains 75mls Concentrate)
  • 1 x Easy pour Nozzle
  • 4 Nic Salt Shotts (3mg/ml option)
  • 8 x Nic Salt Shotts (6mg/ml option)
  • 200mls VG*


  • Remove cap from 250ml Hackshot
  • Calculate required nicotine volume for desired strength

(Use 38ml or 3.8 x 10ml Nic Salt Shotts for a strength of 3mg/ml or 75mls (7.5 Nic Salt Shotts) for a strength of 6mg/ml)

  • Pour VG into bottle up to the bottle shoulder
  • Shake and leave to steep for the required length of time (indicated on bottle)

This will make 250ml of e-liquid at a strength of either 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml and a VG/PG ratio of 80/20 (depending on flavour).


Additional information

Flavour profile

Drip Hacks

Kit flavour


Koolada ws 23


Product type

Contains Koolada


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