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Watermelon Ice With Nic

Crystalize Watermelon Ice Longfill



Crystalize Watermelon Ice E Liquid Longfill

Our exciting and new Longfill  for disposable style vaping in pod kits. This  Longfill comes with 60ml flavour base allowing you to mix 120ml of E liquid with ease.

Flavour Development

Development of this extra strong flavour has seem multiple stages;

  • Flavour Authenticity – creating individual fruit profiles without chemical aromas for an authentic Watermelon Ice
  • Flavour Strength – this Longfill is designed to recreate a popular Elf Bar style flavour and so it needs to be extra strong
  • Cold Hit – recreating the cold hit in an Elf Bar has seen various versions of Koolada tested together and alone

Our expertise in flavour development allows us to craft original flavours in-house from the ground up. The individual components we use for this Longfill are unique to us and are not used elsewhere, meaning it’s a 100% original flavour manufactured by us, using ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure the highest quality.

How long does the Longfill last?

With 120ml E liquid capacity, the Crystalize Watermelon Ice Longfill can last anywhere from 1 week up to a whole month, depending on how much you vape and in what device. Those using low power pod kits like the Argus Z may get an extended period of use before it’s empty.


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